Based on the investigation thus far there is a strong possibility the suspect in this case is a light skinned African American, Hispanic, Indian, or biracial male in his late teens to early thirties who is 5’10” – 6’0″ tall with an erect posture, athletic build, agile in his movements, dark eye color, and right handed. Surveillance pictures of the suspect’s eyes show him to have what appears to be dark eyelashes. Many in the public believe the suspect has feminine eyes and is wearing eye makeup. Review of surveillance video not released to the public strongly suggests the suspect is male based on his build and movements. It is not believed he is wearing makeup.

This description is not to be considered as an exact match of the suspect. We urge anyone with credible information on any likely suspect (male or female) to report that information to law enforcement regardless if the person matches the description or sketch of the suspect. All suspects and leads will be investigated.

The following picture sequence is of the suspect entering the front door of the business and of the suspect walking to the counter. The original store surveillance footage of the front door was mirrored. The images have been reversed to show the correct orientation. No enhancements have been made to the images except for zooming and cropping them.

The above sketch of the murder suspect was produced by the GBI’s Forensic Artist Kelly Lawson. This drawing is based solely on surveillance footage and still shots taken from the store surveillance. The drawing should only be viewed as an approximation of the likeness of the suspect and not an exact picture of the suspect.

The suspect was dressed in all black, wearing yellow and black Battle Sport athletic gloves, what is believed to be a black American Eagle hoodie, which was synched tightly around the head, and a black face mask, which covered all but a small portion of the face. Some red material could be seen on store surveillance underneath the black face mask. The hoodie bears a strong resemblance to an American Eagle Active 24/7 hoodie. The logo on the front and the draw strings appear to be reflective. The boots are ankle height and black with black laces and soles. They appeared to be in good to new condition with a lug sole.

“Walkie Talkie” The claim that the suspect was carrying or using a “walkie talkie” or two way hand held radio is not true. There is ample video evidence not released to the public, which shows the item in the suspect’s hand is the weapon used to commit the murder.

The pictures below show the gloves, shoes, a zoomed image of the logo on the suspect’s hoodie and stock photos of the American Eagle Hoodie believed to be worn by the suspect. The logo image on the suspect’s hoodie has been reversed to show it’s correct orientation since the original store surveillance image was mirrored. No enhancements have been made to the images except for zooming and cropping them.

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Anyone with knowledge of or pertinent information about this crime is urged to contact the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office by phone at (706) 769-3945, email at, or through the tips portal on this website.