On March 19th, 2021 at approximately 01:30 am a subject armed with a pistol and dressed in all black, wearing yellow and black Battle Sport gloves, a hoodie, and a face mask, which covered all but a small portion of the face, entered the RaceTrac gas station on Hwy 441 in Watkinsville Ga. and shot and killed the clerk, 23 year old Elijah Wood. After shooting Elijah the suspect fled the store.



Prior to the murder, a vehicle is seen on the Fire Station Car Wash and RaceTrac surveillance video traveling 441 south, turning right onto Hog Mountain Rd., driving past the RaceTrac, turning right onto Welbrook Rd. and stopping for a period of time before driving away. It is believed this vehicle is connected to the crime.




The vehicle appears to be a sedan and based on the fact that the vehicle has a third brake light, fog lights, and head and tail lights which appear to wrap around to the side of the car’s body, the vehicle is most likely a 90’s to a newer model vehicle. The vehicle also looks to be light in color, but this could be from light reflection. The description is mere speculation as the surveillance footage captures the vehicle from a significant distance and does not give a clear view of the color, make, or model.

At this time law enforcement does not support any claims which absolutely identify the vehicle as a certain, color, make, or model. Any such claims are pure speculation made by private citizens.

The pictures below show zoomed in images of the vehicle of interest. These images have only been zoomed and cropped. No other enhancements have been made.

Anyone with knowledge of or pertinent information about this crime is urged to contact the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office by phone at (706) 769-3945, email at zeaton@oconeesheriff.org, or through the tips portal on this website.