On March 19th, 2021 23 year old Elijah James Wood was senselessly shot and killed while working as a clerk at the RaceTrac gas station in Watkinsville Georgia. While the main focus for so many is finding his killer, we want to make sure the public knows who Elijah was.

Elijah was described as a gentle giant who loved being outdoors, meeting new people, and spending time with his friends and family. He was a devout Christian who enjoyed talking about his religion and spreading the word of God.

Message from Elijah’s Dad

“My prayer is that the guilt of committing this crime will cause this person to come to admitting this selfish act of robbing Elijah of the many years of experiences that my son could have had. The wrong he did to Elijah’s family and friends who loved Elijah and have now been robbed of the many years of fond memories they could have had. The wrong he did to Elijah’s future wife and potential children and future friends and the many blessings that could have come from knowing and loving Elijah.

Let us all remember, our words and actions effect more people than we can realize. “

Elijah’s dad , Todd Wood

Below is an interview with Elijah’s father, Todd Wood.

Below is a Classic City Crime Podcast where members of Elijah’s family recall stories and talk about his life.

Here are some pictures that have been shared of Elijah online.


Anyone with knowledge of or pertinent information about this crime is urged to contact the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office by phone at (706) 769-3945, email at zeaton@oconeesheriff.org, or through the tips portal on this website.